About Us

Hi! We’re a team of artists, creators, and designers experimenting and testing how to use your available materials better. We hope you like our research and share it with others who might find it helpful too 🙂

Main Contributor

Ines is a self-taught artist based in the UK. Originally from Caracas, she has dabbled in the world of arts and crafts in a diversity of ways participating in city intervention projects, sustainable practices’ open exhibitions, and her illustrations being featured in anniversary editions of literary magazines.

In recent years, Ines has become interested in sustainable and responsible practices, working with whichever material she comes across to create beautiful and sometimes thought-provoking pieces, ranging from illustration to watercolours, prints, and embroidery.

Her work is always very sincere, as it reflects nature and local elements from her native Venezuela through the lens of femineity, tenderness, and detail while her latest work –still with softness– denounce harsh realities such as femicide and forced migration.

But most importantly, Ines is committed to living in a conscious way, and to reduce her carbon footprint whenever possible. This is how Sustain The Art came to be, to share as many tips and tricks as possible as to use your art materials more efficiently.

She also tweets a lot of –sometimes interesting– stuff on Twitter. But don’t tell her I wrote this.


UK, 2022