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Different artists have different art supplies, but what a lot of artists don’t realize is that a lot of those supplies are more sustainable than they knew. Since July 2021, Ms. Ines Petit has shared her extensive knowledge about all types of art and how artists can hone their craft in a much more sustainable way. benefits everyone from beginning artists to professional artists and offers tips and suggestions on all mediums, from water colors to acrylics and oil paints to 2D or 3D print art forms. If you’re a beginning artist, she’ll even help you buy art supplies that are the most sustainable so you can get off to a good start.

Why Are Sustainable Supplies So Important?

Using art supplies that are sustainable is important because artists tend to use a lot of supplies and materials on any given project. Ms. Petit shows artists that they can create beautiful and unique works of art while still helping the environment, reducing waste, and enjoying the creativity that they enjoy with all of their other products.

If you’ve stored art supplies that haven’t been used for a while, now is the time to take them out and learn to use them all over again; only this time, you can put them to good use and contribute to the health of the environment a lot more.

How Did It Begin?

Years ago, Ms. Petit took a look at all of her oils, paints, and other art supplies and wondered how she could get the most out of them, especially the ones that had been around a long time. Adopting a “holistic” approach to her work, she has since been helping artists all over the world feel better about the art work they create and the supplies that seem to be left over every time.

A native of Venezuela, Ms. Petit now resides in the U.K., but her website helps people all over the world. Her blogs have helped people clean their paint brushes properly, determine what is causing their oil paints to clump, and decide whether to use paint or ink for their printmaking projects, among others.

The Best of Both Worlds

Acquiring makes perfect sense in more ways than one, according to Ms. Petit. Both sites are committed to helping artists improve their art form and answer many of the questions that so many artists seem to have. Whether you’re a beginning artist, a true professional, or anything in between, you’ll get a lot out of this acquisition.

Being an artist is similar to being any other type of craftsperson, and both and can help you become even better regardless of the mediums you’re currently using.

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Caraca's self-taught artist based in the UK, Ines explores unconventional materials and sustainability.

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