Press Release: Acquires was a website dedicated to promoting art. The site helped artists reach a wider audience. The domain was recently acquired by

What Did Do? was the domain for “(READ)art.” The website acted as a platform for promoting the work of contemporary artists. Heather Zises founded (READ)art after 15 years of experience in public relations (PR) and the art world. Her work revolves around contemporary art with a specific focus on work that showcases feminist principles and identity-based practices. Heather worked with numerous galleries and art exhibitions before launching 

The website arranged projects for up-and-coming artists, reviewed current art installations, and offered curated content for its audience. Heather published interviews with artists and collectors to provide readers with more insight into the art world. Visitors could also expect a thorough review of local art fairs, including the annual NYC Art Fair Week. 

The website also had a social media presence. Heather maintained (READ)art accounts on Pinterest, Instagram, Medium, Painters-Table, and other platforms. was active between 2013 and 2020. The website was listed for sale in 2022 and was recently acquired by

What Does Do? is a website built to help artists and hobbyists enjoy more sustainable art. The website offers tutorials and advice for saving money on art supplies. 

Sustainability is at the core of Readers can learn how to get more out of their paints, brushes, and other materials to reduce waste. 

The website includes articles from a team of artists and designers. The content on the site covers a wide variety of artistic styles and mediums. Popular topics on the website include acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor, print, and wood carving. 

The team at supports the website by selling original prints on Etsy. Etsy is a global marketplace where artists can sell original items, such as prints created by Ines from

Ines is the founder of She created the site to help others find more sustainable methods for producing art. Ines is based in the UK and frequently uses printmaking and embroidery as her preferred art mediums. Practicing these forms of art can be costly. Artists need to spend money on a variety of materials. Ines created to start sharing her suggestions for getting more from art supplies and limiting waste. The website now includes a team of skilled artists. 

New articles are published on the website frequently. Readers can always discover something new when visiting 

The articles provide step-by-step instructions and expert guidance. Novice artists can receive tips and guides for improving their skills. Professional artists can also find useful advice and new techniques that they may have overlooked. 

The content on the site is designed to be easy to read. Each article includes clear instructions and short paragraphs. Many of the articles also address common mistakes and issues that artists face when working with different materials. 

The diverse range of content on ensures that artists of all experience levels can find something useful. The acquisition of is one of several domain acquisitions completed by Acquiring the domain allows to increase its potential scope and potentially connect with more artists. 

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Caraca's self-taught artist based in the UK, Ines explores unconventional materials and sustainability.

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