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Press Release: Acquires Lakota Woman - by Robert A. Hudson belonged to Robert A. Hudson, an artist currently active in Winona Lake, Indiana. The website was Hudson’s Gallery, to show not only his original oil paintings and pencil work, but a platform in which Robert also shared his original short stories. It was recently purchased by, which is a platform for helping artists use more sustainable art practices. 

These two websites share similar goals of sharing creative ideas with the world. promoted the work of a multi-medium artist while promotes sustainable art by publishing tutorials and indications on how to use your art materials in the best way possible. 

What Did Do? showcased Robert’s creative power drawn from his own experiences. The website helped promote his art since at least 2006, featuring work from a wide range of topics. 

Several limited editions were sold through this webpage, as well as posts and note cards depicting some of Hudson’s most detailed work. Hudson also shared his short stories, which evoque a different time and a different way of living, surely inspired by the different adventures Hudson himself experienced throughout his life.

The goal of was the promotion of sincere artwork, born from the feeling of belonging developed by Hudson after living in Idaho for nearly 20 years. His passion and realism bring you to an intimate space in the American midlands, and his growing following of collectors spans four continents. The focus of the website aligns with sustaintheart.comOpens in a new tab. in the sense that we believe in the promotion of art that we can all be proud of.

What Does Do? (Sustain the Art) is a platform designed specifically for artists. The acquisition of allows the website to better serve its visitors. 

The creator of is dedicated to sustainable art practices and frequently produces blog posts on sustainable techniques. The website covers advice for getting more use out of art supplies so artists can save money and produce more art. Many of the blog posts provide tips for using different materials and reducing waste, instead of constantly purchasing new supplies.

Art students especially benefit from sustainable solutions. The average art student spends $100 or more per month on supplies and material. Sustain the Art was created to provide designers, art students, and art lovers with sustainable options for using their available material to create original artwork. 

The website now contains over 70 original blog posts and actively produces new content, making it one of the leading resources for aspiring artists. The blog posts are in-depth and often include links to resources and related information.

As with the articles featured on, the blog posts on provide accurate information. Recent articles include advice on mixing acrylic and latex paint, making acrylic pouring medium, and restoring faded oil paintings. Other articles cover reusing dried oil paint and acrylic paint. These articles help reduce waste by giving artists methods for extending the use of their materials. and’s common goal in the dissemination of artistic practices share similar content, which led to this acquisition. To learn more, visit Sustaintheart.comOpens in a new tab..

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